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Mohammed Rafi K S


 Mr. Mohammed  Rafi K S  Completed his M.Sc. In Mathematics from Karnataka University Dharwad.

Area of Expertise:

1) Six years of teaching experience in Mathematics for Under Graduates and Graduates

2) Teach Quantitative aptitude, Vedic mathematics, Abacus for competitive  exams.

 3) C-programming And WordPress

Currently working on Python and R-languages  

logomakr_0mnyfu :+91-8884943898

logomakr_4dxkdc  : rafi@mathtech.co.in

Amaresh Patil

Mr. Amaresh Patil Completed his M.Tech (Computers) from VTU Belagavi, and worked on many projects. Presently doing research work on Mobile Application Development and  J2EE.

Current Technologies working on

  1. ANDROID applications development.
  2. Designing   Organizational Databases.
  3. Providing technical guidance for M.Tech students projects.
  4. Successfully launched ANDROID application "d-store". 

logomakr_0mnyfu : +91-8722009387

logomakr_4dxkdc : amaresh@mathtech.co.in



B.E(Computer Science) graduate from AGMRCET, Hubli. Having total work experience of 1.5 years in various positions like Software development (On technologies JAVA, JSP, Servlets, PHP). Currently working on PYTHON project.

logomakr_4dxkdc : bhavana@mathtech.co.in

Shrutha H S

B.E(Computer Science and Engg) graduate from SDMCET, Dharwad. Currently working on Java and  PHP based projects.



Vijay Kumar Patil

Mr. Vijaykumar Patil, completed his M.Sc  and pursuing Ph.D in Mathematics from RCU Belagavi, and worked on many projects. Completed research work on Graph theory , Domination Theory.

Title of Thesis "Some Advanced Study in Domination Theory Of Graph".


logomakr_0mnyfu : +91-9019208402

logomakr_4dxkdc : vijay@mathtech.co.in

Imran Shaikh

Mr. Imran Shaikh Completed his M.Sc in Mathematics from Karnataka University Dharwad. 

logomakr_0mnyfu : +91-9632372456

logomakr_4dxkdc : imran@mathtech.co.in